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06/14/24 - Frog's Not Forgotten Father's Day

06/13/24 - FREE WILLY

06/13/2024 - Cincinnati is making headlines again for crazy stuff, John Matarese has advice to avoid SCAMS, everything is FOR HARAMBE, Sara Elyse teaches Kidd Chris some new words, Nudge checks in, and more! 

06/12/24 - the 4th of july is RUINED

06/12/2024 - the 4th of July is ruined, a teacher is out of the job after too many drinks, Stuart W Penrose gives free legal advice, and more! 

06/11/24 - Golden Corral Baby

06/11/2024 - Golden Corral baby, kids are bringing their parents to job interviews, Kidd Chris has a wood pecker problem, the radio wolf pack calls in, Kidd Chris has tunnels in his yard, Sara Elyse gets busted for thirst trap pics, and more! 

06/10/24 - Chatroulette

06/10/2024 - Sara Elyse plays Chatroulette for the first time, Tiff Potter from KISS 107.1 joins the show, the Reds win streak has come to an end, a lady was swallowed whole by a WHAT, and details about how to win big on Father's Day! 

06/07/24 - MAGNET FISHING pays off!

06/07/2024 - a middle school crossing guard arrested for providing WHAT to kids, a cop is off the job for naughty behavior, the Reds are streaking, a couple struck big while magnet fishing, and more! 

EP-29-Great Friends.. Terrible Stories

EP-29 - Today I got a bunch of guys that I have worked with in the past (some you will know and some you may not) We share the most shitty, embarrassing, and naughty radio stories you have ever heard.. and this is only PART 1!!!

EP-28-Al Snow

EP-28 - Wrestling legend, Al Snow comes on to talk about the new NETFLIX doc about him and his Ohio Valley Wrestling called “Wrestlers”. SUCH A GREAT DOC!! Even if you’re NOT a wrestling fan, you gotta check it out.

EP-27-Gangs and Gags

10/04/2023 - Kelvin from Cali calls and talks about his Mom’s “Scared Straight Program” when he was a kid - A couple of Jailbirds call in to talk about prison time and sex dungeons!

EP-26-Storm Trooper Helmet

09/27/2023 - Dumb show has me busier than ever and I explain. Taking your calls. Nadina meets creepy Blake. NSFW