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Older School - Friday, March 17th

Here are the songs played during Older School for Friday, March 17th, 2023!

Round 1

Asia (1982) vs. Spandau Ballet (1983)

Poison (1988) vs. Warrant (1989)

Linkin Park (2000) vs. Limp Bizkit (1999)

Round 2

Talking Heads (1977) vs. Triumph (1979)

Staind (2005) vs. Green Day (2004)

The Cure (1987) vs. The Scorpions (1988)

Round 3

Cream (1968) vs. Allman Brothers (1970)

Van Halen (1986) vs. Night Ranger (1985)

Rage Against The Machine (1999) vs. Stabbing Westward (1998)

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