Lingerie Company Launches Lace Undies for Men

Move over ladies, Wacoal has launched a line of lingerie for men! The Japanese company originally tested out the lace undies for men on a crowdfunding platform, Makuake. They set a goal of goal of 300,000 yen (approximately $2,627 USD) and CRUSHED it by 1,090%... earning about 3.27 million yen (approximately $28,578 USD).

Afterward, the Lace Boxer became not just a reality, but an actual offering that comes in seven colors.

Wacoal has reassured their clientele that the lace fabric is stronger and stretchier (reinforced where it matters): and that they have the same durability as Wacoal regular boxers

Plus, they're incredibly breathable. Maximum airflow.

The sexy bro-nies (bro chonies) are available online, on Wacoal and Amazon, and retail for $34.61.

Just in time for Valentine's Day!!!

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