Favorite Hot Sauce, Based Upon The State You Live In

We have debated the best hot sauce over and over and over on the show. Dog will forever be loyal to Tabasco and Crystal, whereas Dana (unsurprisingly) flip-flops depending on her food and mood (current favorite: Yellowbird) and Joe has not a single horse in this race.

What is your favorite? And how does it match up the results of Instacart's most recent compilation of "Hot Take on America's Favorite Hot Sauces"? In one year, Instacart sold 444,854 gallons of hot sauce, so they have a pretty sizable database.

The Top Ten Hot Sauces Sold:

  1. Sriracha
  2. Frank's RedHot
  3. Cholula
  4. Burman's
  5. Tapatio
  6. Tabasco
  7. Texas Pete
  8. Heinz
  9. Louisiana
  10. Valentina

Overall, Sriracha is the most popular throughout most of the country. However, the Carolinas seem to love Texas Pete, the Rust Belt has a thing for Frank's Red Hot, Iowa likes Burman's, New Mexico likes Bueno, North Dakota likes Village Hot Sauce and in Louisiana: Original Louisiana (duh).

It is worth noting that these stats are based upon the weight of sauce sold (not number of bottles).

So how does your favorite sauce stack up to this list?

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