Lay's "Grown In Glory" Chips - Potatoes Grown With Dirt From NFL Stadiums

Lay's has decided to kick off their return to Big Game advertising (after a 17 year hiatus) with a new campaign: Golden Grounds.

According to Lay's, the "chips (are) infused with the grounds and the glory of each NFL team."

Lay's took the soil from the 29 NFL stadiums across the country. Their farmers then took that soil, mixed it and created separate plots of land to grow potatoes for each of the 29 teams. Those potatoes are then made into their famous potato chips. The bags that the chips come in correspond with the team branding from which the dirt the potatoes were grown in comes from. So if you have a Green Bay bag, the potatoes used to make those chips were grown in soil from Lambeau Field.

There is, of course, a limited number of bags-- only 200 per team. Three teams did not participate: Denver, Cincinatti and Cleveland. The chips can not be purchased, rather you have to win them by following @Lays (Twitter), keep an eye out for tweets about the Golden Grounds sweepstakes from now until January 25. Lay's explains:

"From there, fans can respond to the tweets showing love for their favorite NFL team (pictures encouraged!) and must use #LaysGoldenGrounds, #Sweepstakes and the official NFL hashtag of their favorite team."

Good luck!

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