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Family Has Hidden Message Put On Father's Gravestone

At the Warren-Powers Cemetery in Polk, Iowa, a family laid their fathe, Steven Paul Owens to rest. The cemetery where Owens is buried is taking issue with what the family chose to have written upon the gravestone.

The headstone reads:

“Forever in our hearts.
Until we meet again.
Cherished memories.
Known as.
Our son, brother.
Father, papa, uncle.
Friend and cousin.”

When you read the first letter of each line, it plainly states:


When the family was asked for the reason for the epitaph, his daughter Lindsay Owens had this to say:

“It was definitely his term of endearment. If he didn’t like you, he didn’t speak to you. It’s just who he was."

And his son, Zachary Owens states:

“No one’s forcing anyone to come out and look at it. That’s a choice that you make. We didn’t do it to offend anyone, make anyone mad or hurt anyone’s feelings."

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