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Valerie & Wolfgang Call EVH Documentary 'Disgusting'

REELZ has been producing a documentary series by the name of "Autopsy: The Last Hours Of…", which reveals the truth behind the (at times) controversial deaths of global icons and/or those whose deaths were surrounded by scandal and media attention. They released a sneak peek at this Sunday's episode (premieres June 5th at 8pm ET/5pm PT):

"Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Eddie Van Halen"

Check out the trailer below:

Eddie Van Halen, who passed away on October 6th, 2020 after a long battle with cancer. His son, Wolfgang, shared his outrage over this REELZ series on Twitter:

Valerie Bertinelli added:

"Good Christ this is disgusting."

There is an outpouring of people who support Valerie and Wolfgang's sentiment:

However, it is worth noting that the series is based upon autopsies, which are public knowledge. There are some users who point out that it's not as gratuitous as Valerie and Wolfgang may believe it to be:

According to William Groves, a Twitter user who has watched other episodes in the series:

"I’ve watched other episodes like Hugh Hefner and Tom Petty all it is is the persons history life and medical with I assume public domain footage with some actor doing re-enactments. Most times they even interview people who knew the decedent…"

Another user adds:

This is not a show about a person's final hours, but a celebration of his or her entire life; the story from birth to death.
I would encourage others to watch the show rather than throw it under the bus without seeing the context.
Don't judge a book by its cover."

What do you think-- is this a docuseries you'd like to watch or do you think it's done in poor taste?

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