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Umpire Gets Sucker Punched By Angry Mom At Softball Game

Kristi Moore, a youth softball umpire in Mississippi, was struck in the face on April 9th. According to Moore, the assailant (Kiara Nichelle Thomas) approached her, stating:

"That she was going to f^ck me up."

According to the police report, Moore was threatened multiple times throughout the game by Thomas. After the game ended, Thomas struck Moore and fled the scene. Following the incident, Moore posted on her Facebook page:

Moore, who has been calling youth games for a decade, claims there has been more violence against officials. And the moral of the story from Moore:

"I got punched coming off a field last night. There is no excuse for this. If you think this is ok, please remove yourself from my friend list. Umpires are not perfect. We never will be. But guess what? No one is."

The saddest part of the incident was when Moore's children saw her black eye. She states:

"They took one look at me and started crying. (They said) 'Mom, we don't want you to do this. We don’t want you to get hurt.'"

Thomas, who assaulted Moore, was pulled over just after 7pm. Her mug shot featured her wearing a "Mother of the Year" shirt.

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