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Ohio Man Goes On All-Beer Diet For Lent

Meet Del Hall (Ohio), who has decided to do an all beer diet for Lent. Typically, though not strictly forbidden, alcohol is one of the things practicing Catholics give up for Lent. However, Hall being the co-owner of 16 Lots Brewing Company, has not done this once, but a few times now.

Hall began what is now his Lent tradition in 2019, consuming only beer for calories (& water to stay hydrated). As a result of his all-beer diet, highly discouraged by his doctor, he lost 40 pounds.

His doctor told him:

"You're an idiot if you do this."

But Hall had this to say:

"...She knows how strong-willed I am. Once she knew I was determined to see this through, she recommended I take multi-vitamins, stay hydrated, and she told me not to do anything stupid."

Hall claims that he feels great throughout the process.

And in 2020, he turned the seemingly fun tradition into an opportunity to raise money for charity. He began a GoFundMe page, lost 50 pounds and raised $10,000 for a charity that year. This year, the proceeds from Hall's all-beer diet are being donated to the Ken Anderson Alliance, which is a nonprofit organization that helps adults with disabilities find work and other opportunities.

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