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10 Strange Confessions From Spouses Learned AFTER Getting Married

First comes love, then come marriage, then comes all the weird habits you didn't know your spouse has... These couples prove it doesn't matter how long you date, there's always something incredibly effing weird that you didn't know about your spouse.

1. Warmed Cereal

"I discovered my husband eats cornflakes with strawberry milk, warmed up in the microwave. I was a little mortified when I witnessed it for the first time. He said he grew up eating it like that!"

-Keila Santiago (Facebook)

2. Whole Ass Kiwis

"I learned that my husband eats kiwis whole — skin and all!"

-Greta Pilkauskienė (Facebook)

3. Skip The Rinse

"I've been with my husband for 11 years, and we've been married for five years. I just found out that he doesn't rinse his mouth after brushing his teeth. When I told him to rinse, he said the remaining toothpaste is good for his teeth."


4. Brushing...

"I learned that my husband doesn't brush his teeth daily."

-Edith Derheim (Facebook)

5. Biting Toe Nails

"A week into my marriage with my ex-husband, I discovered that he BITES HIS TOENAILS OFF with his teeth, instead of using clippers."

-Raven Thissel (Facebook)

6. Inbred

"We got married after eight years, and it was another six months before she told me she was inbred. Her parents were brother and sister, and they fled the state and changed their names in order to get married. That's messed up!"


7. H2O Oreos

"I found out my husband likes to dip his Oreos in water, like an alien attempting to be human."

-Lizzy Latorre (Facebook)

8. No Deoderant

"When my now-husband and I first moved in together, I was making a Target list — that's when I discovered he doesn't wear deodorant! Ever... And the weirdest part is that he doesn't smell."

-Christine Barsanti (Facebook)

9. Peel And Eat

"I learned that my fiancé eats the shrimp shells when we have peel-and-eat shrimp. When he does it in public, people are horrified!"

-Amanda Victoria (Facebook)

10. Fake Vegetarian

"My now-ex-husband claimed to be a vegetarian when we met, so I spent the first couple of years of our marriage cooking meatless dinners for him, even making two separate meals if I wanted a steak or something. Then one day, I was looking for something in his truck, and I found a KFC box and dozens of KFC receipts shoved under the seat! And the receipts weren't for just a piece of chicken — he would order a whole bucket of chicken! Apparently, he would eat it before he came home and try to play it off. I never made him another 'vegetarian' meal again."

-Sarah Johnson (Facebook)

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