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And The Snootiest Zodiac Sign Is...

Briana Saussy, author of books including Making Magic and Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology, recently sat down to discuss the top six snootiest zodiac signs. Here are her thoughts:

6. Virgo

Saussy writes:

"Their particular behavior lands them at number six on the list. Virgos have a refined sense of what is acceptable and appropriate and what is not."

5. Aries

Saussy explains:

"Aries have very specific needs and wants that they're not afraid to communicate. Aries has a tendency to get impatient with anyone that does not immediately get them or what they are asking for, which can come across as a snobby."

4. Aquarius

Saussy claims:

"Their hipster attitude can often lead to mansplaining of epic proportions. For Aquarius, this attitude shows up in a hipper-than-thou kind of vibe. Don't know the coolest indie band, movie, or book? Then don't bother with an Aquarius."

3. Libra

Suassy explains:

"...Notoriously charming, but... (also) come across as pretentious. Libra's shadow side can show us someone who is vapid, superficial, and willing to go whichever way the wind is blowing most favorably at a given moment... (They) can turn exclusionary and venomous when directed in the wrong way, making people feel like they are literally being talked down to."

2. Scorpio

Saussy writes:

"Single-minded intensity can lead to them coming across as haughty. That, paired with their fierce pack instincts, means that Scorpio will have no issues telling people who are not as informed."

1. Capricorn

According to Saussy, Capricorn is the snootiest sign, but you can't fault them for it.

"They work so hard to earn it. They can't help it that they have excellent taste and find everything other than the best substandard."

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