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The Messiest Zodiac Signs

Of the twelve zodiac signs, half of them can be quite messy. Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic/astrologer, and Lurie Kimmerle, mystic, weigh in on the top six messiest signs and why they are the way they are.

6. Cancer

Honigman states:

"Cancers can make a mess, but it's mostly because they're so nostalgic. They have a hard time parting with anything attached to their memories... Cancers also love to entertain, which can lead to loads of dishes... Cancers will clear up after a big gathering, and they love seeing their house all sparkly. [But] the show-home look won't last for long..."

5. Aries

According to Honigman:

"Aries is a bit too busy to truly care about tidying up... While they're out, sometimes for days or weeks, the mail keeps piling up, the wastepaper basket gets smellier, and that inexplicable stain in the bathroom is starting to grow a furry layer... It's not that they don't like cleaning—it's just that they let it fall by the wayside. But once they realize their house is a bit of a mess, they get to work."

Kimmerle agrees:

"This goal-driven sign has deep tunnel vision, so whatever they're not primarily focusing on can easily get left behind. While this often manifests in their relationships and emotional life, it can reflect the state of their living space as well, especially if Aries has big goals outside of the home."

4. Gemini

Honigman states:

"Gemini is a social sign that would much prefer to get cocktails instead of a cleaning rag... (They are) always looking for stimulation."

Kimmerle adds:

"Gemini is so hyper-focused on socializing... While others are thinking about their weekend chores, Gemini's plan their weekend social calendar, and it is unlikely that dishes will be on the list."

3. Aquarius

Honigman states:

Aquarius are deep thinkers, which means they often have a lot on their mind—and cleaning up isn't on it... (They have) bigger things to worry about than where this sock goes, or whether the pile of books has reached critical height. Ask an Aquarius to do the dishes, and it's possible they'll disappear into a book instead or start a long lecture to escape the task."

Additionally, Kimmerle adds:

"(Aquarius') mind is often running so fast they literally don't see the dishes piling up in the sink … Instead, they're off in a corner journaling, planning, and contemplating big ideas."

2. Pisces

Honigman calls Pisces "the dreamers of the zodiac".

"They'd rather be lost in their thoughts than tidying. If a curtain falls, it'll stay there. When the paint peels, they enjoy the rustic new look. So their mess isn't created at once, it grows slowly, over years."

1. Sagittarius

Honigman cautions:

"Fire signs like Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo are always very active, but a Sagittarian does all the things, all at once... If you know a Sagittarius, you should definitely be wary of their organizing skills...(they) might be fun, you'll definitely want to protect your belongings from impending disaster if you have one coming over."

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