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The Best Human Companions, According To Science

A recent study took a look at the animal kingdom, often filled with ferocious and sometimes deadly creatures not suited for human companionship. A group of scientists from Frontiers in Veterinary Science studied the temperament of animals to determine which ones are more suited for human interaction and domestication. The study ranked the animals on a numerical scale and excluded commonly domesticated animals (dogs, cats, and farm animals). Here they are, ranked:

10. Arabian Spiny Mouse

High social, these tiny mice do well in large family groups and score -0.9.

9. Common Wallaroo

The smallest of the wallaroos, these marsupials score -0.8.

8. Golden Spiny Mouse

These little creatures are generally nocturnal, but can adopt a daytime routine. They score -0.3.

7. Common Yellow-Toothed Cavy

Hailing from South America, these little cuties are closely related to the guinea pig and score -0.2.

6. Himalayan Striped Squirrel

These squirrels are diurnal, arboreal, and sociable animals and score a -0.2.

5. Asian Palm Civet

Native to South and Southeast Asia, this little cutie scores 1.4 on the list.

4. Llama

Hailing from South American and widely used as a meat and pack animal, the llama scores high on the list at 2.3.

3. Tammar Wallaby

Scoring 4.2, this small wallaby is social and hangs out in groups.

2. Agile Wallaby

Though this wallaby prefers a solitary lifestyle, it often adapts well to life in groups and ranks at a 4.7.

1. Sika Deer

AKA the spotted/Japanese deer. According to science, "these cute lil' faces top the list of best human companions" with a score 5.1.

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