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The Four Zodiac Signs That Secretly Hate Everyone

There are some people who just seem to hate everyone... and it may have something to do with their zodiac signs!


"When it comes to compatibility, Taurus’ cards are stacked against them. They are a fixed Earth sign, and their ruling planet is Venus. This makes Taurus extremely hardheaded. In their worst moments, they’re also very egocentric. Truly, it’s either their way or the highway. Of course, life seldom works like that. So, they often feel frustrated and annoyed. Taurus is very particular about their surroundings. Differing opinions directly threaten their dojo. At least, that’s what they’d like to think to justify their harsh critical streak."


"Scorpio is the wallflower of the Zodiac. They prefer a high vantage point from which to observe others. This is a defense mechanism at its core. However, it also makes them natural judges. After all, they’re bound to have an opinion on what they see. Because Pluto is its ruling planet, Scorpio is highly aware of power dynamics. They are not easily intimidated and can sniff out imposters from miles away. Scorpio might secretly hate everyone in the room, but nine times out of ten, they have a perfectly good reason to do so."


"Virgos love to work hard for themselves and others. Their mutable modality makes them adaptable, while their ruling planet, Mercury, offers intelligence and communication skills. But sometimes, Virgos can quickly become too much of a good thing. Virgos rarely know when to stop helping. Their analytical nature can quickly sour into perfectionism, which they then force onto others. Despite their intellect, they struggle with empathy. This makes them nosy and unforgiving judges—the celestial equivalent of 'bless your heart'.”


"If Virgo, Scorpio, and Taurus’s bitter natures are offensive, then Cancer’s is defensive. They secretly hate everyone in the room because, to them, they’ve been jilted by everyone in the room. These highly emotional signs carry deep, long-lasting grudges. Moreover, Cancer expects everyone to have the same intuition they do. This is a recipe for the disappointment that Cancer then takes as a personal affront. Cancer doesn’t just hate everyone in the room. They also feel owed an apology, thank you very much."

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