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Snack Habits of Americans - Is Soup A Meal or Snack?

A recent poll conducted by OnePoll on behalf of National Peanut Butter Month (March) surveyed 2,000 Americans (ages 18-41) regarding their eating habits. Of those surveyed, 1,125 were Gen Zers and 875 were millennials.

  • 3% claimed to not eat snacks at all
  • 26% snack in the early afternoon (33% millennials vs 21% Gen Z)
  • 68% admit to reaching for snacks when experiencing anxiety or stress
  • 42% snack for an energy boost
  • 33% snack to get extra calories
  • 33% snack to get extra protein
  • 57% regularly snack before meals,
  • 75% stop snacking at least one hour before a meal
  • 2% are midnight snackers

When it comes what kind of snacks are being consumed...

  • 63% prefer spicy snacks
    • 36% Gen Z
    • 41% Millennial
  • 47% prefer snacks with a crunch
  • 42% search social media for new snack ideas

And when it comes to soup...

Is soup a meal or a snack?

The survey respondents were divided.

  • 45% consider soup hearty enough to be a meal

And peanut butter and jelly...?

  • 40% consider it a snack
  • 39% consider it a meal

How to distinguish a snack from a meal?

  • 37% believe that snacks can be eaten on the go, meals can't
  • 35% define snacks as food that doesn't require prep time or cooking
  • 35% claim meals are difficult to find time for

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