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Man Cancels Date After Woman Suggests They Meet At Starbucks

Online dating is... complicated:

  • Where to go on a first date...
  • Who pays for the date...
  • Is the person on the other side who they really say they are...
  • (And for Joe, finding a date in the first place.)

And this seems to be the case for Colleen and Matt, who were talking on the dating app Hinge. The pair were discussing their first date and Colleen suggested meeting at Starbucks. A perfectly normal, safe and likely common meeting location for a first date. However, Matt didn't think so and the date was called off. Colleen posted the interaction on her Twitter:

And it doesn't stop there, because Matt saw her tweet and messaged her again:

Colleen has since blocked his phone number.

And, of course, Twitter has something to say about the interaction.

Some are on Matt's side:

And some are on Colleen's side:

And then there's this guy:

Where do you stand-- is asking someone to meet at Starbucks a dating faux pas or perfectly normal/safe/reasonable?

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