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Ten Cities That Will Pay You To Move

If you're looking to move, out of state that is, here are ten cities that will pay you to move:

Tulsa, OK

Tulsa Remote is paying people $10,000 to relocate to Tulsa, OK. You will be provided the $10k as a lump sum. To receive the money, you’ll need to apply to the program and be accepted, then move to Tulsa within 12 months. Additionally, you must be a full-time remote employee or be self-employed outside of Oklahoma, as well as 18+ and a permanent U.S. resident.

West Lafayette, IN

Purdue University wants you to make West Lafayette, ID your new home. Through their Work From Purdue program, Purdue will give you $1,000-$5,000 via a stipend to work remotely and live in the Discovery Park District. Applicants have to be accepted into the program. Additionally, applicants have to live in the city for at a year and are responsible for their own housing.

Topeka, KS

If you're thinking Kansas could be home, Choose Topeka is offering up to $15,000 to move to Topeka. After applying and being accepted, you have to move to Topeka and rent or buy a home within a year. To find out whether you can qualify for the incentive, you will need to check with your employer.

North Platte, NE

North Platte, NE is offering signing bonuses, up to $5,000, to relocate. To apply for the bonus, check out the city’s WorkNP program.

Newton, IA

You can earn $10,000, part of the “Get to Know Newton” welcome package. In order to qualify, you do have to purchase a home valued at $190,000 or more. (Homes of lesser value may still receive tax abatements). Additionally, this deal only applies to homes constructed through 2023.

New Haven, CT

Connecticut is welcoming new residents to the town of New Haven and will provide up to $10,000 to first-time homeowners (to be used toward a down payment or closing costs). To sweeten the deal, the city is willing to provide a 0% interest loan, that will be forgiven at a 20% rate each year and completely absolved after five years. There are caveats to this, though. If you sell your home, you will owe the balance remaining.

Morgantown, WV

Morgantown, West Virginia is offering new residents $12,000. Ascend West Virginia will give you $10,000 the first year of residence and an additional $2,000 the second year via monthly payments. Additionally, there is a co-working space and access to free outdoor activities as an added bonus. In order to qualify, you have to be a resident outside of West Virginia and be willing to move within six months of accepting the program offer. You must also prove full-time employment.

Lincoln, KS

If small town life is your cup of tea, Lincoln has a population 3,000 residents, making it the smallest town on this list. The town is offering free land to new residents, lots ranging from 14,000 to 35,000 sq ft. There are limitations (no farm animals) and no grants are available to help owners build on the lot. Additionally, mobile homes are not allowed, but modular or pre-manufactured houses can be transported on site.

Bentonville, AR

The Bentonville council is offering $10,000— via cash or cryptocurrency—for remote workers willing to relocate to the area via their Finding NWA program. Qualified applicants will receive the money, as well as a free bike. To qualify, you must be 24+ and employed full-time, worked for at least two years and a non-resident of Arkansas. You must be able to move within six months.

Bemidji, MN

The Greater Bemidji 218 Relocate Incentive Package is offering $2,500 to telecommuters willing to relocate to Minnesota (to cover moving expenses). They're also offering a free one-year membership to a coworking space and free membership to community & networking programs. To be eligbile, you must be employed full-time (telecommuter) and live at least 60 miles from the town prior to becoming a full-time resident of Bemidji.

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