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75% Of Die-Hard Fans Would Sleep With Their Rival

Three out of four sports fans will have sex with a rival fan.

TickPick recently polled 1,780 die-hard sports fans regarding their feelings toward naughty time with a fan of their rival team.

  • 74% of those polled said that sex with the enemy is A-OK

The sport-by-sport break down looks like:

  • 77% of NHL fans approve of hostile hook-ups
  • 76% of NBA fans will go behind enemy lines
  • 75% of MLB fans will copulate with the competition
  • And 68% of NFL fans will do more than just talk about the birds and bees with their rivals

When broken down by specific teams, the following teams approve of a more than friendly rivalry:

  • 88% of Minnesota Timberwolves fans
  • 87% of Ottawa Senators fans
  • 84% of Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans
  • 76% of Toronto Blue Jays fans

Where do you fall in this hook-up line-up? Would you go behind enemy lines for a hookup?

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