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Every Big Game Party Needs a Chili Cheese Keg, right!?

Chicken wings, sliders, nachos and pizza are a given for any Big Game Day party... but what about the dips? Hormel has your back with the ultimate Big Game Day dip:

A full-size chili cheese keg.

(And yes, it comes with a working tap.)

They are calling this "a revolutionary gameday appetizer innovation".

Hormel has combined cheese and their chili in a 15 gallon half-barrel that dispenses hot dip. There is an internal heating element that keeps the chili cheese warm and ensures "optimal pouring".

Hormel put out the following statement:

"We know fans want to snack big when they watch the most important football game of the year, but they also want to add some excitement to their usual options. We thought what better way to show our fans how Hormel Chili can pour on the excitement than by creating a never-before attempted innovation."

The chili cheese keg isn't available in stores, you have to win it. Visit to enter to win.

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