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The Ultimate Home Alone Drinking Game

No Christmas is complete without watching the Christmas classic Home Alone. It is now 31 years old, which means most of us can bend a few bullhorns while watching. So pull up a chair, spike the egg nog and get ready to play (responsibly) the Ultimate Home Alone Drinking Game.

Take a Sip...

  1. Every time Kevin complains about something
  2. Every time Kevin says a "bad word" (ex. shut up, jerk, etc.)
  3. Anytime someone mentions Paris

Take Two Sips...

  1. Every time you hear a Christmas song
  2. Anytime Kevin's mom freaks out about getting home
    1. Bonus points for every time she yells "KEVIN!")
  3. Every time Kevin goes into a family member's room

Finish Your Drink...

  1. Whenever you see Old Man Marley
  2. Any time Marv and Harry try breaking into the McCallister house
  3. During any of Kevin's pranks

And finally...

Take a Shot When...

  1. The Little Nero's Pizza driver knocks over the statue in the front yard
    1. Bonus points for any driver that hits it
  2. Every time Kevin screams

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