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The 2021 Future Ford Two-Door Cyber Orange Bronco Badlands

Here it is:

The 2021 Future Ford 2-door Cyber Orange Bronco Badlands!

(We did drive this same vehicle before, but with limited time!)

After spending a week twisting, turning, pushing, and flicking all the knobs and levers and REALLY driving the Bronco; we had to give it back - but it was fun and we were sad to let it go!

As you know, I bleed Blue. I’ve owned a bunch and driven a bunch of Ford's. That said, I was never a Bronco fan. My dad had a '78 and my dad-in-law had a 90 Eddie Bauer. Both were big, slow, and sloppy daily drivers. The '78, although smogged to death and under powered, was very fun off road. This 2021 Badlands gives you the scent of the saddle without the clip-clopping of the hooves - way refined! If these new Bronco’s weren’t in such high demand and hard to get, I would’ve given you a better off-road write up, which I can’t because it never saw the dirt! It’s a fun daily road driver; little bit of body roll (our Badlands wore 35” BFG’s) but very easy to drive and park. Careful if you’re short (like me) it’s an awkward height and makes entry and exit very peculiar. If you’re average height, no biggie. I would get the 4-door for myself, even though I like the look of the 2-door better.

Ours had all of the current Ford conveniences, sensors, and assist features. It also has leather. And yes Joe, heated seats and steering wheel.

(The Badlands can also come with vinyl interior for those who wanna mud bog without the doors and top!)

You can disconnect the stabilizer bar for better up and over and pogo the death out of the Bilstein shocks. The last time you drove a real Bronco, you probably had to lock the hubs - all electronic now - standard on Badlands and First Edition. You get GOAT modes in all Bronco’s but if you want a true grab the reins experience - get the 7spd manual!!! (10spd auto also available.) Our Badlands was powered with the 300 hp 2.3 EcoBoost, which is fine and fun, but I can’t wait to drive a 2.7!

The fender sites and grab bars are cool. The powder coated bumpers and racks are awesome, and I still can’t believe it looks the way it does; concept renderings almost always disappoint - the new Bronco looks GOOD! If you had an older Bronco; you know how fun it was getting into the back or lowering the window. The full-size spare is attached and moves with the rear gate allowing simple access to the rear interior cargo area. It’s a cool whip and waaaay worth the 25 year wait!

See it today at either Future Ford Madison I/80 or Future Ford Lincoln in The Roseville Auto Mall. Thank you FF!!!


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