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PG&E Proposes A Bill Hike, CPCU Votes Thursday. Here's How To Comment...

The California Public Utilities Commission is set to vote Thursday on whether or not to accept PG&E's request to raise bills by up to 26%. They say the funds will go towards paying for a nearly $6 billion plan to bury 2,000 miles of power lines by 2026. There are two proposals being voted on Thursday: the proposed decision to increase bills by 12.2% or the 12.8% alternate proposal. PG&E defends the proposed increase, saying undergrounding lines in the most effective way to make homes in fire areas more safe. Meanwhile, the pushback from consumer groups, lawmakers and customers is growing, arguing that customers are already struggling under the high cost for PGE services. The CPCU meeting starts at 11am Thursday morning. If passed, bills would increase by an average of $25-31 a month.

The meeting is open to the public and customers with PG&E are able to participate in public comments.

Follow this link to sign up and to get details on how to call into the meeting.

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