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Newsom Doubles Down On Promise To Investigate Desantis Over Migrant Flights

In a tease ahead of the airing of the full interview, Governor Newsom doubles down on his promise to investigate and charge Florida and Governor Desantis if they are behind a coerced effort to fly migrants to sanctuary cities. Newsom wants to investigate Florida for possible kidnapping and extortion charges, if applicable. This statement was made in an exclusive interview with the Today Show, which is set to air Thursday morning as early as 7 a.m. Eastern time. This comes just days after 36 migrants from two chartered flights landed in Sacramento.

Newsom's interview with the Today Show is also just one day after The Florida Division of Emergency Management released video confirming the state's involvement in sending migrants to California, a sanctuary state. The video shows the migrants happy to board a plane headed to California, signing waivers to travel to another state, and telling authorities they were treated well and were not forced to come to Califorina. Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg is characterizing the incident as a political stunt and says migrants are still welcome here, even as the city is dealing with a rampant homeless problem.

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