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AB 742 Fails: Police Can Contiunue Using K9's In Arrests, Crowd Control

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Police K9's can keep working in California. Assembly Bill 742 is now dropped into the so-called "inactive file"; California Assembly member Corey Jackson proposed the bill, but it ultimately did not have enough support in the legislature to move forward. Groups like the American Civil Liberties Union say police tactics disproportionately target black and brown people. The ACLU supported the bill before it failed, saying the restriction of K9's will help keep people of color safe. The law would have banned the use of K9's to help make arrests and control crowds, unless there's an imminent threat of danger or death. Police groups and unions were opposed the bill, saying the dogs help de-escalate situations just by showing up. They also saying the K9's prevent more serious violence or even deaths. Asm. Jackson's office says he hopes to work with police to bring it back next year.

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