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Stuck In A Subscription Service? There Might Be A Solution Coming Soon...

We live in a world of subscription services with just about every outlet offering some sort of subscription to continue with regular shipments or premium services. Before you know it, you're months into a free trial you forgot to cancel or didn't realize you signed up for a service. Now you are stuck paying the fee without any way to cancel or get refunded. But the FTC is looking to change that. The Federal Trade Commission's is proposing a new rule could make canceling subscriptions much easier for consumers. The “click to cancel” rule would require companies to offer an easier way to cancel subscriptions and the subsequent recurring memberships. Cancellation would have to be as easy as signing up, much like subscribing or unsubscribing to email newsletters.

Listen to the details of this plan here from the interview with Chargeback 911's Pel Faquiryan...

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