The skies went dark. The year was 536

This was a harsh reality for the millions of people that lived through that literally dark time or, as some historians have declared, the very worst year ever to be alive.

From early 536 to 537, the skies stayed dark. Across much of eastern Europe and throughout Asia, spring turned into summer and fall gave way to winter without a day of sunshine. Like a blackout curtain over the sun, millions of people across the world's most populated countries squinted through dim conditions, breathing in chokingly thick air and losing nearly every crop they were relying on to harvest.

In the spring of 536, a volcanic eruption triggered the Late Antique Little Ice Age. "Aerosols for the big volcanic eruptions blocked solar radiation, dropping the solar heating of the Earth’s surface." The skies remained dimmed for up to 18 months, multiple historical witnesses recounted, triggering the dark year of turmoil that earned 536 its dubious distinction.

the Justinianic Pandemic abrupted. Compared to the modern-day hardships dealt by COVID-19, the differences are shocking.

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