Give Ecstasy to an Octopus & this happens...

Get an octopus high on ecstasy and the usually solitary creature becomes a lot more social,  published in Current Biology.

We already know that when humans take MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, it creates feelings of euphoria. This  usually results in people becoming more interested in interacting and connecting with others.

But what about a solitary and asocial create like an octopus?

Scientists recently decided to conduct an experiment, giving octopuses small doses of MDMA. The result was surprising. When placed under the influence of MDMA, the octopuses not only spent more time with other individuals, but even tried to hug a chamber containing another octopus.

“This is very similar to how humans react to MDMA.”

“The brains of octopuses are more similar to those of snails than humans, but our studies add to evidence that they can exhibit some of the same behaviors that we can,” Dölen said.



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