On This Day In 1973 The Eagles Released Outlaw Concept Album 'Desperado'

Released on this day in 1973, Desperado is the second studio album by the Eagles. Recorded at Island Studios in London, the songs are based on the themes of the Old West, especially the Dalton Gang. Jackson Browne had a book on gunfighters of the Wild West that included stories about Bill Dalton and Bill Doolin; from this came the song "Doolin-Dalton." However, they ran out of ideas after writing "Doolin-Dalton" and "James Dean" about the late actor, the latter would be used for the band's next album On The Border. The band members are featured on the album's cover dressed like an outlaw gang. This is significant as Desperado remains the only Eagles album where the band members appear on the front cover. Sadly, the concept or lack there of never really caught on with the public as Desperado is the Eagles’ lowest-charting LP, having just missed the Top 40. But it eventually it went platinum.

In honor of the anniversary, check out the Eagles performing the album cut "Saturday Night" on the BBC in 1973