2019 Future Ford Explorer Sport Review

There’s a reason you so many of these on the road! They look good, drive great, tons of room and simple luxury – plus 365 HP out of a 3.5L V6!

This is our second Explorer we’ve driven from Future Ford and one of our favorites! The AC blows colder than anything I’ve felt and the rear seats have AC just like the front. All the adaptive features are insane; lights, cruise, lane change…

I’ve talked quite a bit about Ford’s Select Shift 10spd auto but the 6spd auto in this Explorer is even better! Paddle shift in sport makes this thing FUN to drive! Push button retractable, foldable, stowable, third row seats, and 365 HP! One more time – 365 HP! This Blue Jeans color looks awesome with the black accents and wheels! –Dog

Thanks again to Future Ford Madison/I80 and Future Ford/Lincoln in the Roseville Auto Mall


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