30 Tweets About How I Feel About GOT S8E6 "The Iron Throne" *SPOILERS*

The SERIES finale of Game of Thrones, "The Iron Throne"(S8E6) aired Sunday and I did watch it from my sick bed. I'm definitely in the majority; I was pretty disappointed with the finale overall. But, I think the ending we had was what was meant to be (George R.R. Martin did tell the show writers how it was going to end), no matter how we arrived there. There are SO many examples of times that Game of Thrones left me feeling exactly how I feel now, albeit the story was better told. All in all, this season was beautifully shot, incredibly acted, just poorly written.

*****SPOILER ALERT!!!!!*****

Do not continue reading if you are NOT caught up.

That said, here come my:

30 Tweets That Summarize How I Felt About Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 6 The Iron Throne

First, in summary:


I feel this.

That said, (like before):

Disappointed, yes.

Do I want a remake? No.

I think the writers did what they could. And, honestly, when has Game of Thrones not taken a knife and twisted it in our back? This ending did exactly that. And, again this season was incredibly shot, like this scene:

Dany's Dragon Wings


And now, onto...

Dany's Death


It was very predictable. I’ve been saying for a while now (even predicted at the beginning of the season) that Dany was going to die. It was sad to watch Jon do it, but because it was SO predictable, it didn’t upset me when I watched it. After sitting with it for a few days, I’m definitely sad that she is gone.

Drogon's Reaction, Truly Heartbreaking.


Just like a loyal puppy. :(

Now onto the twist:

Bran Becoming King


Honestly, I should've seen this coming. In the books, Bran chapters are the worst. I always wanted to just skip them-- why would Martin dedicate chapters (and the show writers screen time) to Bran? Because he's going to become freaking King. That said, I must've said DUMB a hundred times while watching this scene unfold. It was TOO easy. I know Tyrion is smart, but COME ON, everyone is just gonna take his word and be like "oKAy StArK bOy In WhEelChAiR iS gOoD kInG". And then Sansa getting her way about The North. I know she worked for it, but Bran didn't challenge her at all either. Dumb. And then there's this whole fiasco with Jon being held capitve AND SENDING HIM BACK TO THE EFFING WALL. Talk about that beautiful Stark family bond...

Siblings? Pffft.

(And yes I know that Jon isn't their sibling anymore, he still grew up as their "brother".)


Of course, Jon returning to the desecrated and no longer manned wall leaves him to do whatever he really wants. He was conveniently reunited with Tormund and Ghost (hahaha to everyone outraged by him not petting Ghost a few episodes back).

Reunited (& It Feels So Good!)


Here are some things to leave you with:


This has good points, but I would say that a happy ending for just the Starks (+ Tryion and our favorite secondary characters) is fanservice. If there’s anything that Martin taught me in the last 10 years, it’s that there aren’t happy endings in GOT for the good guys. All in all, the ones who have survived thus far would be considered “good guys” (there really is very little gray area there, especially with the three Starks).

And a few funny thoughts:


Alternative Ending?




One Second Of Every Episode:


Final words from Jason Alexander:



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