#Fursday - "Bonnie The Bunny" A580750

Happy Fursday! We have another adorable, adoptable pet who needs a loving home! If you're looking to bring a puppy, kitty, dog, cat or other small furry friend into your home, please consider adopting! Front Street Animal Shelter has so many friendly faces looking to find their forever home! Each week, our featured pet will be available to adopt with all fees waived! That's ZERO DOLLARS for a lovable, squeezable, huggable and furry addition to your family!

Meet this week's adorable little hopper "Bonnie The Bunny"


Bonnie The Bunny

ID: #A580750

Breed: Rex

Gender: Female

Color: Red

If you are interested in adopting "Bonnie The Bunny", you can call up Front Street at (916) 808-7387 and ask for information about her using her ID #A580750. All fees are waived-- here is everything that you get for FREE with your adoption of this week's featured #Fursday pet:

  • Spay or Neuter Surgery

Lets help this sweet girl find her forever home!

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