I know some people will think I’m getting paid to say this (and I am) but it really is the truth; The 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid is the car I’d Mostly Likely Buy For 2018! We’ve driven F250 Powerstroke’s, 5.0 Mustangs, even the 2018 Raptor. Out of all of them, I would plunk down cash on this Fusion Hybrid. The MPG is INSANE!!!! I’ve never driven a hybrid before and I really enjoyed it.


Like I said before it’s a different experience; instead of wanting to hot-rod around and take corners and truly have a "driving experience,” you just get in and twist the rotary selector to the right and go! Instead of seeing how quick the MPH needle goesfrom 0-60, you focus on the MPG average, which for me, is 34.5! It is effortless, comfortable, and simple. The ACblows hard and cold, The Ford Sync center stack is still the easiest to see, use, and navigate, and the other functions are ergonomically located. You start the car (which you can’t hear) and within 60 seconds you’re acclimated. In 2018, that is nice.

Love the interior. Love the exterior. Visibility is exceptional. And driving it is honestly relaxing. Plenty of power when you need it and a top speed of 85 MPH in full electric mode! 19” wheels, full leather, heated seats, and over 700 miles of driving for only $22.00 (I picked it up with a full tank)! Take a DogAndJoeSho test drive today - Future Ford Madison and I-80 or Future Ford Lincoln in The Roseville Auto Mall!!!!



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