When we went to pick up our 2018 5.0, I just new it was gonna be an auto. I unlocked the door and saw the 6spd hump, and said “EXPLETIVE!"

This truly is one go the greatest non-specialty - factory Ford Mustang’s EVER BUILT! 

The power is STUPID and the redline this year is at 7500 RPM. 460HP/420LB FT of torque.

As soon as you saddle up inside, it is all Mustang and everything feels the way it should. 


You can customize the digital dash/cluster (with 3 different speedo/tach displays). The Track Apps return again this year and have even more options, as does factory Line Lock which is a MUST feature with the manual 6spd, like we had! The seats are comfy. The leather and stitching are what I’m most surprised by with all of the 2018’s. And the Sync center stack, as always, is clear, and simple to use. We also had heated and cooled seats. The cooled seats are actually the first cooled seats that you can truly feel chilling the cheeks, you can hear the seats pushing air. 

I know this will sound crazy but one of my favorite things are the side rear views. They are so tiny but show you SO MUCH. Excellent visibility but non-invasive from following traffic at night. 

The steering rack is solid and tight. And the ride is the best I’ve ever felt in a GT, and I’ve had 5 others. Tight, solid, nimble, and so easy to control.

The stance is factory perfect. Out of all the Mustang’s I’ve owned, I’ve never not lowered one. This 2018, I wouldn’t touch. It is perfect on the 19’s. I’m not a huge fan of staggering because of rotation and cost, but once you drive, you’ll know why Ford did it.

The exhaust is factory perfect too. Mustang-macho through all gears and RPM’s yet dignified, never overly obnoxious. New this year for the GT; Active Exhaust - with 4 tone choices. (Added charge but worth it.) Previously only available on the GT350…

As fun as the refined and retuned 6spd manual is, I can’t wait to drive the 10spd auto paddle GT, it is the fastest 0-60! It’s the same trans used in the Ford Raptor!  -Dog

Take a DogAndJoeSho Test Drive today, at Future Ford Madison and I-80 and Future Ford/Lincoln in The Roseville Auto Mall!



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