The Golden State Killer, a man who raped and killed throughout the 70's, was finally caught after DNA matches lead the FBI and local authorities to the door of ex-police officer Joseph James DeAngelo (72).  


Not only did DNA matches provide proof that the notorious dirtbag, but also tips from the late Michelle McNamara's book I'll Be Gone In The Dark, which was her self-proclaimed obsessive search to find the Golden State Killer.


Police dispute this:


But the internet definitely isn't convinced that McNamara's work didn't contribute to the capture:


This hits incredibly close to home for those who have grown up in the area, specifically Citrus Heights, where The Golden State Killer resided.  In fact, one of Producer Dana's friends lived right next to door to the man & said this on her Facebook page:

Terrifying this man was our neighbor growing up, my older sisters babysat his kids and cleaned his house, my little sister, my bestie and I played at his house. I had sleepovers, he'd take us to get slurpees... all so unbelievable. I feel so awful for his victims, their families and his children!! My heart hurts for his kids. So very blessed and grateful my entire family and our neighbors were not harmed by him....

We could not be happier that this man was caught and will be brought to justice after 40+ years of committing horrific crimes throughout our beautiful Golden State.



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