The Legendary Caddyshack actor Bill Murray and his brothers recently opened their new restaurant Eat, Drink & Be Murray in Rosemont (inside the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel at 9546 Balmoral Avenue, Chicago, Illinois).  The restaurant is 8,600 square feet and definitely an homage to the classic Caddyshack with all sorts of little references hidden throughout.

You can check out a few pictures of the restaurant below:


Plus, here are few things to know about it, according to Food & Wine:

  1. According to Andy Murray, the restaurant is supposed to be an "extension of our living room"
  2. It's all about the love of Chicago sports teams
  3. The bacon... AMAZING
  4. You can buy official Caddyshack products at the restaurant

Pretty cool if you ask us.  If you were in Chicago, would you visit Eat, Drink & Be Murray?

Also, we found this gem of Hunter S. Thompson & Bill Murray just being two casual guys and had to share it with you:




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