Thank you Little River Band!

Yes, we have made it a full 365 days on The River!  Here's a little look back on the past year for us:

Yes, the infamous Harley Photoshoot that will never die!!  Sorry, we're not sorry!  (And, we did a 2018 Calendar with it too!)

And here are a few other highlights, like that one time we...

Started our sho on a brand new station in Sacramento:


Did a risque photoshoot at Harley Davidson:


Joe was part of Seal Team Six:


Dog ate In-N-Out off the floor:


AND, Joe FINALLY cut his hair:


Plus, we had quite a few special guests, like...

Megan Telles:


Collin Hay:


Lou Ferrigno:


Grave Digger:


It's been a great year!  Thank you for listening!



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