With movies like The Founder, The Wolf of Wall Street, Straight Out Of Compton and the upcoming You Are My Friend (though the director claims it's not a biopic), it is The Age of Biopics!  The newest on is on QUEEN's Freddie Mercury, titled Bohemian Rhapsody.

If this sounds like somewhat old news, it's because this started back in 2010, when Sacha Baron Cohen was cast to play the iconic front man.  Cohen decided not to do the film in 2013 due to creative differences with directors and the band (you can read the beef between him & Brian May here).  Fast forward to 2016 when Rami Malek was cast as the one and only Mercury.


Bryan Singer was also brought on to direct the film, snapping the photo above during production.  But then he gets fired, causing production to halt ONCE AGAIN.  Since then, the studio has replaced the director to wrap up filming and the film should hit theaters in December of this year!

You can check out Malek as Mercury below:


Who's excited!?



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