Yesterday was a #Chewsday! We visited Kiki's Chicken Place on Auburn Boulevard for some tasty chicken!

Here's what we ordered:

Dog ordered the 4 Wings & 4 Tenders Mix Combo with their hot buffalo sauce and barbecue sauce on the side.

Joe ordered the Chicken Sandwich Combo, which is served on a sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato, onions and mayo.  Of course, he had them remove all the produce and add cheese.

Dana ordered the Boneless Waffles, which is served with two tenders on the waffle, topped with maple butter and a side of maple syrup.

Plus, they hooked us up with a new item that isn't even on their menu yet (& we were the first to try it!!):

Now, onto our official ratings:


To summarize:

Dog - 3

Joe - 4

Dana - 3



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