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Last week, we announced that Metallica is putting out their own brand of whiskey (in the jar-oh).  And Dog called them bandwagoners, because it was Sammy Hagar who started this who freaking trend!

Well, there is yet another "band" (we use the term very, very, very, very loosely) is jumping on the Hagar bandwagon, specifically making TEQUILA... JUST LIKE SAMMY!!!!

Coming up on 25 years of laughin’ at each other 😂 Can you believe it?

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We $h!t you not... the freaking Backstreet Boys are putting out their own tequila, possibly a reposado or añejo. 

Not only did we not know these pop stars still existed, but COME ON!  Enough is enough.  Sammy did it first and this madness has to stop!!




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