Last week, Kevin Smith had a heart attack on Sunday and returned home on Thursday, March 1st.  The 47 year old comedian, actor and producer made a big lifestyle change post-op, choosing to become a vegetarian.  

He seems to be recovering quite well, receiving tons of well-wishes, gift baskets and flowers, including this one that he couldn't help but chuckle at:


The caption on his instagram photo reads:

Friends & folks I work with have been sending thoughtful Get Well baskets since I got home. But @disneychannel just won the prize for funniest gift when they sent these cookies. Last week I was telling the folks there that a certain percentage of people I meet always call me #kevinjames. So THIS is an insanely well-timed joke on tasty treat that I won’t eat because I’m thinking about getting it framed instead. Thanks to everybody for the flowers, baskets and well-wishes! It means the world to me and my TV wife, @leahremini#KevinSmith #cookies#disneychannel

(Leah Remini is Dog's TV wife though Kevin... keep your mitts off her!)

We're glad to see him recovering and laughing again.



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