Quiet Riot's drummer, Frankie Banali, was on a Podcast by the name of "Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon" podcast.  You can take a listen below: took the time to transcribe the highlights of the podcast, which you can read here.  The one that we found most interesting is Frankie's response to the question of whether or not Classic Rock is fading away, to which he says this:

"I think that could be a reality for a couple reasons. One is the age factor... a lot of our musical brothers are dying... a lot of other ones either have health issues or just don't want to put their bodies and their minds through the touring thing anymore. It could grind to a halt at some point in the foreseeable future. If you're a fan of any particular band, you should be well-advised — especially if it's a band from the '80s or the '70s — that if you say to yourself, 'Well, I'll catch them next time,' there may not be a next time..."

With that said, we're all too familiar with this after Tom Petty passed away, not too long after his Sacramento show.  A lot of Petty fans missed out on a chance to see him and regret not having attended that show.  Which band will you be seeing, no matter what, when they come to town?



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