This is a little story about a Nashville couple, Kristen Jerkins and Joseph Dorbin, who decided to mail a wedding invitation to the one and only Tom Hanks (T-Hanks).  Their wedding is set for May 5th in the bride-to-be's home state of Alabama.

When asked why she invited him, Jerkins had this to say:

“We’re really big Tom Hanks fans. I grew up idolizing him … I’ve just thought he was a cool, down-to-earth guy."

Well, low and behold, the down-to-earth guy responded to their invite!!!


Unfortunately, T-Hanks is in rehearsals in May, so he won't be able to attend their wedding.  But, he did invite them to come see the play he's in in July, if they can make it.  

Jerkins was “over the moon” just getting a response and the couple is definitely going try and get to L.A. to see the production after their honeymoon in Tahiti.

This isn't the first time that T-Hanks has been involved in marriage shenanigans, either!   

It isn’t the first time Hanks surprised fans who were getting married.

In November, he helped with surprise marriage proposal.  In 2016, he crashed a wedding photoshoot in Central Park.


In fact, he's been at this for quite a while, crashing photos and weddings circa 1993.


Now that Joe and his ex-wife are back together, we think there may be an invite for T-Hanks floating around.  Maybe Joe will have a star-studded celebration soon?  (Or he can at least dream, right?)



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