I know it doesn’t look like much from the photo, but this is the heart, lungs, and legs of this 2018 Ford Explorer Sport!

365 HP hauls more than seven passengers when you need it! The 3.5 EcoBoost is the only option when considering.

It has three off-road settings with the turn of a knob and it really does drive more like a car than a SUV. 

Easy in and out and limited body roll through tight turns and twists. Super comfy and a blast to drive!

This is the reason you see so many of these on the road - it really is one of the best looking SUV’s out today!

Even though Ford sold Land Rover in 2008, I still believe they look somewhat similar. One thing we didn’t mention in  the commercials; the Sport has auto-retractable mirrors when you lock, cool feature!

Double Duals! Not a great angle but it’s got a great butt! 

Even without a light bar on the roof (CHP) it still looks pretty menacing from the front. 

Thanks again to Future Ford Madison and I-80 and Future Ford/Lincoln in the Roseville Auto Mall!



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