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Yesterday was a pretty epic #Chewsday because we finally went to sushi.  If you've listened at all in the past few days, you know what a big deal this is, especially for Joe (who has never been).

We wanted to visit our peeps in Elk Grove and the two choices we had you guys vote on were:

Mikuni or Kintaro.

Tomorrow's #Chewsday will be in Elk Grove and we're thinking sushi! Where should we go?

Posted by The Dog and Joe Sho on Monday, February 12, 2018

Mikuni won out by a landslide, so off we went!

Here's what we ordered:

Dog ordered two non-raw rolls: the Fair Oaks Roll and the Zig Zag Soft Shell Crab Roll (with the soft shell crab substituted out for lobster).

Foreground is the Zig Zag Roll, background is the Fair Oaks Roll.

Joe ordered teriyaki chicken with rice.

Dana ordered a spicy scallop hand roll and an order of otoro nigiri (and fresh grated wasabi).

Left is the spicy scallop hand roll, right is the otoro nigiri.

Fresh grated wasabi.

As promised, Joe DID try something raw: Mikuni's Special Scallops ("lightly seared rare scallops on top of rice cubes, scallop sauce, masago, green onions").

Special Scallops.

(And for the record, he picked the scallops.  Not Dana.  Dana actually gave him all the seared options and that what he chose.)

And here is Joe's reaction:

Now, for our official ratings:

To summarize:

Dog - 3

Joe - 3

Dana - 4




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