Producer Dana is elated because both Dog and Joe are venturing outside of their White Wonder Bread comfort zones and venturing out to Elk Grove for some SUSHI today!

There were two options that people could vote for: Mikuni or Kintaro.


And, by a landslide, Mikuni won out (with 179 votes to 72 for Kintaro) at 5:55am.


Here are all the #Chewsday details:

Who: Dog, Joe & Dana + YOU

What: Sushi!

Where: Mikuni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar - 8525 Bond Road, Elk Grove CA 95624

When: 12 noon - 1:00pm (ish)

Here's what you can look forward to:


Top Row: Roll (left), Spicy Scallop Hand Roll (right)

Bottom: Sashimi (left), BBQ White Tuna

And, here's one of Producer Dana's favorite appetizers (Tako Ceviche):


A close-up of one of their rolls:


And the DeMarcus Cousins roll that a listener highly recommended for Joe:


Here goes nothing!  Hope to see you guys today!




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