We want to thank you for visiting Doc Reno's page. Doc is the kind of guy who inspires confidence in everyone he meets. When Doc asks for a lift to see some of his friends, you don't ask why he needs a ride to the waterfront at 3am, you're just happy to be along for the ride. Even if you're not allowed to leave the car.....or mention the address over the phone.....or question why you have to park down the block.Doc also is always willing to share his savvy and wisdom. For example, traveling abroad is always a learning experience with Doc. He taught us what a "suppository" is and how to "act naturally" through customs. Doc's other friends are also great guys, they all have very nice cars and anyone who's been there can tell you that Bogota is gorgeous in the summer! Doc even taught us how to whistle after years of not knowing, and that's been helpful too. We don't have to tell you how much that fifty dollars per police car we spot really comes in handy at the end of the month! Thanks again Doc! We're proud to call Doc Reno our friend and we don't have to tell you, that whenever he needs anything from us, we'll be there for him.....as soon as he lets us out of this room, which should be any minute now since we're finished with this letter. Say hi to Doc for us! Email Doc at: DocReno@iheartradio.com