Food: Ben and Jerry's Is Planning to Make Ice Cream Infused with CBD

Ben and Jerry's Is Planning to Make Ice Cream Infused with CBD

Hey, I already use Ben and Jerry's to make the pain go away, so this would just be a bonus.

Ben and Jerry's just announced they're planning to make ice cream that's infused with CBD . . . once it's fully legalized as an ingredient for foods and beverages.

And that day could be soon . . . the FDA is holding a public hearing on legalizing CBD in foods. That should be followed by a few years of politicians grandstanding, and then, eventually, we'll get our CBD-infused ice cream. 

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Chocolate glazed donuts are back at Krispy Kreme . . . for today only.

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Burger King's New Breakfast Sandwiches Use French Toast as the Bun

Believe it or not, it's been 16 years since McDonald's created the McGriddles, which use pancakes as the bun for a breakfast sandwich. And someone at Burger King was FINALLY like, "Hey, maybe we should do something like that too."

Burger King just released a new line of breakfast sandwiches that use FRENCH TOAST as the bun. And in between there's egg, cheese, and sausage, bacon, or ham.

They should be available at pretty much every Burger King . . . but for now, they're just a limited-time item.


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Mountain Dew Is Celebrating America with a Drink That Combines 50 Different Flavors

Time to find out what America tastes like if you put every state into a blender.

Mountain Dew just rolled out a new flavor called Mountain Dew Liberty Brew. And it's a soda that honors the 50 states of America by combining 50 FLAVORS into one.

And somehow, it turned out bright blue.

It's not clear what the 50 flavors actually ARE . . . and Mountain Dew isn't saying . . . but it's probably a lot of different fruits based on the reviews.

The drink started showing up in stores over Memorial Day weekend, and people who tried it said it tastes like grape, berries, and tropical fruits mixed together. 

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I guess I'm not surprised JESSICA SIMPSON can produce this much milk.


Someone Actually Made a Philly Cheesesteak Cheesecake . . . Does That Sound Great or Awful?

Just because two foods have similar names you don't HAVE to combine them. You all know that, right?

There's a picture going viral on Twitter right now from someone who made a Philly cheesesteak cheesecake. That's right. It's a cheesecake with beef, peppers, onions, and what appears to be provolone cheese on top.

People are debating two things: Whether it looks good or terrible . . . and whether it's blasphemous to do such a thing to a cheesesteak.

And based on a quick glance at the comments, most people are saying it looks terrible AND blasphemous. 

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This Restaurant Sells Only Fried Chicken Skin

If you’ve ever been eating a piece of chicken and thought it would be a lot better with less chicken and more skin, you need to know about Chick N' Skin. It’s a food stand that sells ONLY fried chicken skin!

It started in Southern California in 2017 and they have a location in Los Angeles as well as at festivals and events in the area. According to their website, the chicken skins are “lightweight, healthier snacks” that “crunch when you crave.”

But unlike chips or other fried snacks, the fried chicken skins only have about one carb per serving, so they’re keto-friendly.

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