The Best Songs From Tom Petty's An American Treasure

After spending a couple of weeks with the new Tom Petty box set, An American Treasure, I put together a list of my favorite tracks off the album. There are plenty more on the four-CD set, but these are some of my favorites. 

Some are unreleased songs, some are familiar songs done in a different arrangement and some are live tracks. 

This is a fantastic version of "Even the Losers." It's amazing how stripping things down can give a song new life. 


This track "Lonesome Dave" is an absolute barnburner. Benmont Tench doesn't know how this song never made it onto an album, and I completely agree. What a great track. Previously unreleased from the Wildflowers sessions—July 23, 1993. 


For "You and Me," the band stripped away the drums and brought Tench's piano melody upfront, and it changes the entire feel of the song, for the better. 


From 1982, another one of those "how was this passed by for release" kind of moments. The first single from the box set. Previously unreleased track from Long After Dark sessions—1982. 


Tom Petty co-wrote a couple of songs for Byrds co-founder Roger McGuinn called "Back to Rio." The nugget below was included, but this was a more stripped down version of that. "King of the Hill." 


"Don't Treat Me Like a Stranger" was the B-side to the UK single of “I Won’t Back Down”—April, 1989


A demo of "The Apartment Song," which was a track that ended up being on Full Moon Fever. This version has Stevie Nicks on it, whoever. 

Derek Moore


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