Moore Top Stories: New K-9 Finds Meth, Summa Cum Laude Cake, 49ers New Look

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Rookie California police K-9 finds 60 pounds of methamphetamine, just a month after being certified. Read more

Traffic Stop leads to Arrest of Suspect in Possession of 60lbs of Methamphetamine On Saturday, May 19, 2018 at 1920...

Posted by West Covina Police Department on Sunday, May 20, 2018


Wynton Marsalis Thinks Rap Is “More Damaging Than A Statue Of Robert E. Lee” 


'It's Unfortunate': Joe Satriani Responds to Ritchie Blackmore Comments

"Well, it's unfortunate when somebody that you look up to has something negative to say about you," Satriani said in the interview. "So that part will always hurt. I wouldn't hide my feelings about that."


Plane passenger arrested for peeing on seat in front of him

He grabbed two woman during the flight. 

“I hear a woman scream, if this man f---ing touches me one more time I’ll f---ing kill him." 


Grocery store censors cake with request for ‘summa cum laude’ 

The Publix software didn't like the word cum. Cum in Latin is the preposition ‘‘with,’’ as in summa cum laude ‘‘with the highest distinction.’’ The Publix website, felt the word meant something else and its algorithm said, ‘‘profane/special characters not allowed.’’ 


The Salestower in San Francisco has a great art piece at the top of it. A million people will see it every night. Read more 

Tonight! watch Salesforce Tower glowing at night a project by one and only Jim Campbell! I can’t believe it’s finally happening after over a year researching and filming! I really enjoyed witnessing and exploring San Francisco’s life and movement! This was one of the most amazing experiences that inspired me a lot in many different levels! Jim is just awesome! . 🌕🌑🌎 “Starting tonight, 11,000 LEDs will project an ever-changing visual display on the six-story crown of the building. The screen will be fed in part by cameras around the city that survey the bay, the weather and activity in a local park. Jim Campbell, the artist in charge, calls it “Day for Night.” As the city winds down for the evening, it will catch a glimpse of where it has been.” #jimcampbell #salesforcetower

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Teen who started major Oregon wildfire must pay $36.6 million for damages, judge rules 


Kings Bogdan Bogdanovic Named to 2017-18 NBA All-Rookie Second Team


49ers confirm team will debut alternate throwback uniforms on Wednesday


Parents sue their 30-year-old son because he won't move out 


Dave Grohl Still Can't Listen to Nirvana


Journey and Def Leppard Kick Off Tour: Videos, Set Lists


Watch Miley Cyrus Prank a Sleeping Jimmy Kimmel With a Wrecking Ball


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