San Francisco Dog Leaves New Family-Walks Back To Original One

A poodle-bichon pup named Maeve escaped from her rescue home in San Francisco and embarked on a four-day adventure, according to her owner.

The dog - who was adopted from the Milo Foundation by Upper Noe Valley resident Kathleen Pabst  - had been with her new family for just four hours when she took off out the front door as guests were leaving.

Pabst, her family and neighbors immediately began to search for Maeve. The Milo Foundation aided their efforts to find the pooch by posting on social media and starting a thread on the NextDoor app.

Members of the community spotted Maeve several times while she was missing, but no one was able to catch her.


That is until the dog found her way back into Pabst's yard. The concerned owner had placed her new pup's bed and a bowl of food on the front porch and when she returned home from getting coffee on Feb. 22, saw Maeve sitting on the steps to their house.

The animal formally known as Maeve is healthy and happy at home - much to the community's relief.

Pabst changed the dog's name to Maisy to better reflect the 18-month-old poodle-bichon mix's spunky attitude. 

Derek Moore


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